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  • Jason Hesley

COSMIC COLD WAR to drop new single on March 25th!

COSMIC COLD WAR take you to the most remote reaches of the cosmos and the darkest corners of your mind. Matching soaring melodies with crushing riffs, their international line-up delivers a unique blend of prog, groove and thrash metal inspired by literary and cinematic horror.

Black holes. Psychosis. Humanity’s fragility in an infinite universe.

This is just a taste of the dark journey to come…

The band’s brand new single, Absolute Zero is out on 25 March 2022. Pre-save link:

“Absolute Zero - and our first official video - have many influences, from topics such as depression and heartache, to stories like Frankenstein and Jekyll & Hyde. It’s our first full studio collaboration as a fully-formed band, and we hope our fans find it as exciting as we do.” - Kai Hastur (Vocals/Guitar) Written and Arranged by Cosmic Cold War Lyrics by Kai Hastur

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