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  • Jason Hesley

Cosmic Cold War - new single - SHIMMER ft Lynsey Ward out July 29th!

COSMIC COLD WAR take you to the most remote reaches of the cosmos and the darkest corners of your mind. Matching soaring melodies with crushing riffs, their international line-up delivers a unique blend of prog, groove and alternative metal inspired by literary and cinematic horror. Black holes. Monsters. Psychosis. Humanity’s fragility in an infinite universe. This is just a taste of the dark journey to come… Featuring artists from the UK, Turkey and Venezuela with an envious resumé of live credits - including supports for Arch Enemy, Napalm Death and Ill Niño across Europe, South America and New Zealand, and some of Europe’s biggest heavy festivals including Metal Summer Fest (Turkey)COSMIC COLD WAR is an experienced band that is ready for the biggest stages. The band’s debut music video, “Absolute Zero”, starring Game of Thrones actress Grace Hendy, was released to critical acclaim in March 2022, racking up nearly 50,000 views within one month of release. 2021’s debut three track E.P. Inconsequential Oblivion received international airplay and resulted in the band being featured live on LionHeart’s Friday night show on BBC Radio London. New single “Shimmer” is released on Friday 29th July and features guest vocals from Exploring Birdsong's Lynsey Ward.

“Initially inspired by Jeff VanderMeer’s novel Annihilation (and Alex Garland’s excellent film adaptation), Shimmer is our dark, brooding look at metamorphosis and the dangers of progress. We’re absolutely thrilled to have Lynsey Ward feature as a guest vocalist, and her haunting melodies take the track to heights we couldn’t imagine.” - Kai Hastur (Vocals/Guitar)

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