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  • Jason Hesley

CORROSIVE: releases "The White Witch" live video!

"Wrath Of The Witch", the new album by the German death metallers CORROSIVE, has been in stores since October 13th via MDD Records. The extraordinary concept album based on a witch story, whose various roles are performed by guest vocalists such as Gerre (Tankard), Sabina Classen (Holy Moses), Dirk Weiss (Warpath/Sacrifire), Kai Wilhelm (Final Cry) and others, has been generating enthusiasm and top marks in the relevant metal media ever since. As of today, the track "The White Witch" is also available as a live video, which was recorded at a show in Hanover in August. The band is also planning to release the complete concert recording soon. The current album is available on CD and will be released as a double LP in gatefold by Kernkraftritter Records next year. Check it out!

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