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  • Jason Hesley

Corporate Death: the new album, “Homines In Bestiales Formas”.

From the city of Jundiaí, in the interior of São Paulo, the Death Metal group CORPORATE DEATH was created in the distant year of 2001 by Flávio Ribeiro (voice) and Damien Mendonça (bass and guitar). After more than two decades of uninterrupted work, the band is releasing today (Friday, 03/18) their fourth studio album - successor to the acclaimed “Reborn”, 2017 - entitled “Homines In Bestiales Formas”.

The album, mixed and mastered by Henrique Fioravanti (From Hellcords Studios), is courtesy of the labels Rapture Records, Cianeto Discos, Misanthropic Records and Extreme Sound Records, and marks the return of the original vocalist and founding member Flávio Ribeiro, in addition to the special participation of Aline Lodi (Exhortation, former frontwoman of CORPORATE DEATH), Laudmar Bueno (War Eternal), Evandro Miranda (Corporal Sores, Vile Existence, Akinetopsia), André Bairral (End of Aurora) and José Mantovani (Ayin, Desecrated Sphere, Collapse NR).

“Homines In Bestiales Formas” is now available for listening on all major streaming platforms.


01 - Mourning Of Angels (with Laudmar Bueno)

02 - Soulkeeper (with Laudmar Bueno and Evandro Miranda)

03 - Tides Of Misery (with Aline Lodi)

04 - Kill The Whore (with Laudmar Bueno)

05 - Silent Despair (with Aline Lodi and Laudmar Bueno)

06 - In The Shadows

07 - The Burden (with André Bairral)

08 - Judgment In Heaven

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