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  • Jason Hesley

Corners of Sanctuary Are Taking Cover with Release of Warrant's Inside Out!

Primarily known for their nostalgic throwback sound of original, traditional Heavy Metal, Corners of Sanctuary (COS) threw their hats into the cover song arena for the first time last year with the band's renditions of several classic Def Leppard hits. Earlier this year, COS followed up with their version of Judas Priest's hit "Breaking the Law." With the group's recent signing to SODEH Records, the partnering has compiled the tracks all together, along with the addition of two new cover songs, and will be releasing a digital-only EP, "Taking Cover" this month.

"Taking Cover" will include "Rock of Ages," "Mirror, Mirror," the aforementioned "Breaking the Law," "Bringing on the Heartbreak," and COS-ified versions of The Osmonds' "Crazy Horses" and Warrant's "Inside Out."

A music video for “Inside Out,” is now streaming on Youtube. See Inside Out” video:

"We stood clear of doing cover songs," said COS founder and guitarist Mick Michaels. "Our focus has always been original music, but this has been a great experience. Having the opportunity to have all the tracks together on one EP just adds to the cool allow things to be showcased in their own stand-alone light." In addition to "Taking Cover," the band is also working on an all new, original EP titled "Metal Up," which is slated to release later this fall through SODEH Records. Plus, COS is already getting things geared up for the season as the band looks to drop a brand new track as part of their annual Holiday bundle.

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