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  • Jason Hesley

Cool Chair to release "The HorrorShow EP"

“The HorrorShow EP started out as 5 songs that I had originally written and recorded back in 2015. I was in recording school and I needed material to practice recording and mixing music that I enjoyed, so naturally I just made my own. I used riffs and ideas that I had written in years prior, so my inspiration for the sound comes from 4-5 years of listening to an array of different genres and bands. I tried to mash my favorite elements of Punk, Post Hardcore, Death and Prog Metal, with the dark lyrics and upbeat feel of Horror Punk.

I had no intention of ever releasing the songs, but at the end of 2020 while on a solo cross country motorcycle trip, I decided it was absurd not to release songs that I was so fond of. I re-recorded almost everything and made some appropriate updates- I’ve come quite a long way in my craft since I last touched these sessions. Aside from the campy and cheesy lyrics based on my favorite B Horror Movies, I guess the underlying theme for me is about finishing what you started solely because it’s something you love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

Track Listing: 1. BrainDead (4:02) 2. Naturan Demanto (3:57) 3. LunkHead (3:38) 4. Grizzly End (4:21) 5. Bad Taste (4:30)

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