• Jason Hesley

Controlled Test Environment releases the powerful and experimental metal track "Untouchables"

The band that mixes prog, metal, alternative, hardcore and electronic gains notoriety in the alternative scene for its diverse and experimental music, highlighting its differentiated sound and the blend of musical influences.

In the midst of all the problems that the pandemic brought to everyone, with delays in recording so that everyone was safe, the single "Untouchables" has the message to keep an open mind, live the experience that is life and not let them dictate what you should do. The single features a special participation by bassist Victor Elias (Sandra de Sá), the musician not only recorded the bass in the song but also had the freedom to create his lines. The cover was in charge of Dieimes Pugens.

The Controlled Test Environment was born out of the desire of Cesar Trajano and Jorge Martins to experiment with ways of making music freely. From these first testing sessions, the name of the band was born, a controlled testing environment, where what matters is the desire to create, without interference from the outside world.

Vocalist Julio Castro was selected last year, after creating a version for "Army of Me", by singer Björk - the goal with the cover was to attract musicians interested in developing a more experimental authorial work. The version of "Army of Me" was released in late 2019 on all digital platforms, giving an idea of what the band would follow in their sound. Soon after the band released the first single "Time Decode" in 2020 on all digital platforms.

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