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  • Jason Hesley

Contorsion's journey culminates in "The Children Of The Snake"

Contorsion's journey from standard thrash metal to thematic depth culminates in "The Children Of The Snake." Their evolving sound, genre-spanning themes, and commitment to thrash promise a thrilling trajectory, resonating with fans of iconic thrash acts.

Emerging from the summer of 2004, Contorsion has evolved into a formidable force in Switzerland's thrash metal scene. Founded by Marc Torretti (guitar) and Mättu Eschmann (drums), the band's journey led to the addition of Dani Bürkli (bass), Sime Freiburghaus, and Luca Rossi (guitars). With Marc transitioning to lead vocalist, the band's live performances surged, sharing stages with the likes of One Man Army And The Undead Quartet, Born From Pain, Cataract, and GurD.

Their discography reflects an evolving sound and ethos. From their 2010 debut "Solace Through Lies," showcasing evolving songwriting skills, to their second full-length "Planet Parasite" (2014), which delved into pressing global issues, Contorsion has continued their thrash metal conquests. "U.Z.N." (2017) and "Thrash Metal Domination" EP (2019) further solidified their trajectory, even amidst the pandemic.

Their latest offering, "The Children Of The Snake," signifies a new chapter. The EP's six tracks embrace diverse themes, from pollution and betrayal to infectious humor. The chilling title track narrates a tale of haunting nightmares, pursued relentlessly by snake-led children. This ambitious work hints at the band's growth since inception and showcases their mature sound.

Celebrating the EP's release at Kulturwerk118 in Sursee, Switzerland, on September 16, 2023, Contorsion remains resolute in their thrash metal commitment. Their musical odyssey from a "2-track highway" to a "6-track highway" mirrors their evolution, promising more groundbreaking music and electrifying performances for a dedicated fanbase aligned with Exodus, Slayer, Testament, and Heathen.

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