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  • Jason Hesley

CONSECRATION to release "CINIS" on June 17th!

The music of Consecration has always been touched by the black hand of despair, draped in shrouds of sadness. Their songs conjure vistas of desolation and paint pale ghosts of agony and loss on backdrops of storm riven twilight skies. They have explored the depths of melancholy and the echoing chambers of the dead and now, with the perfect line-up cemented in place they have discovered the absolute essence of their sound; a fluid coalescence of the rot and decay of ancient death metal and the sombre majesty of doom. The terrors of the tomb and the agonies of bereavement embrace becoming one...becoming Cinis.

The title, Cinis, is taken from the Latin meaning cold ashes and has numerous associations with death, destruction and ruin, extinguished love and burnt out hate. It’s the perfect title for Consecration’s third full length album which takes the listener in a chilling, irresistible embrace and carries them on a haunted odyssey of grief and fear. From the mountainous riffs of opener ‘The Dweller In The Tumulus’, through the ancient crypts of ‘Ground To Ashes (A Cremulation)’ featuring a bloodcurdling guest vocal from Dave Ingram (Benediction, ex-Bolt Thrower) and on into the visceral horrors of ‘The Charnel House’, Cinis is a bleak world to explore, a shadowed dream to wander and an unforgettable listening experience. Daniel Bollans’ evocative vocals are a tumultuous roar, a cold whisper from the other side of death, a blood-choked, guttural invocation or a shrieking cry from an inescapable nightmare. A versatile narrator, he strides through the landscapes created by the guitars of Liam Houseago and Andy Matthews and crawls the lightless deeps carved out by the rhythm section of bassist Shane Amies and drummer Jorge Figueiredo.

Bollans is also responsible for the enthralling artwork which cloaks Cinis, full of references to the unnerving tales within. Meanwhile the job of ensuring that the sound quality of Cinis was a match for its incredible songs and visual presentation was handed over to Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Officium Triste, Convocation etc) whose mastering has drawn every last sanguine drop of power from each tortured note, making Cinis complete – a perfect, dark whole. Now allied with the expertise and experience of Redefining Darkness Records, Consecration are ready to spread their harrowing sounds throughout the world. The new dark age begins on June 17th, when Cinis is set free...

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