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  • Jason Hesley

Condemned AD to release "Follow a Failing Leader" on September 23rd.

The band speaking of the album stated: In the album “Follow a failing leader” the lyrics reflect the harsh reality through the eyes of us as a band today but also cover a dark past. We are a Thrash-Metal band with influences from all decades and styles in Thrash metal music. The songs on the album span from melodic progressive metal to dark brutal death vibes. Thanks to Wormholedeath for believing in us, the strive continues to spread our music wherever it may take us. //Micke founder and driving force.


1 You Will Fear My Hate

2 Dead Don't Lie

3 Follow A Failing Leader

4 Killing Floor

5 Save Me From Myself

6 Thru The Sinner Eyes

7 Crawl In The Dirt

8 Suicide By Murder

9 Stay Away From Me

10 Loneliness In Lunacy

11 No Gods No Masters

12 Nothing Is Nothing

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