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  • Jason Hesley

Concrete to release "Ethereal Atrocities" on September 25th!

Back in 2011 Kalin Kolev decided to form a death metal band so he started writing riff material on his own. Soon, somewhere around July the same year, Zhivko Stoyanov, an old friend of Kalin, came into the picture. Kalin asked him if he was willing to play bass in a nameless death metal band and he confirmed without hesitation. Kalin wanted to do vocals also and then it was time to look for a second guitarist and a drummer. Ivan Ivanov, also a good friend of Kalin, was the first and the current person to become second guitar player. The three continued writing riffs and observing ideas and had a couple of songs done pretty fast. The tough part was finding an accurate drummer to play something as challenging as death metal. After going through several players, the band understood that it will be a hard time finding the correct guy. The band went through several name ideas and chose CONCRETE for a permanent solution.

On April 18th, 2012 they released their first self-titled EP "Annihilation Of Humans", containing 5 songs. Even though it was recorded in poor conditions it was a strong start and was greatly appreciated by both fans and media. The band used a drum machine for that release. In the summer of 2012 CONCRETE was introduced to Ivo Ivanov (Lord Curse), formerly of a local thrash metal band, named Ira Deum. Kalin, Zhivko and Ivan decided to take a test rehearsal with Ivo and things came out pretty good right from the start. Many shows with local bands followed including opening acts for a couple of foreign colleagues both in venues and open air. In November 2014, founding member Ivan Ivanov (rhythm guitar) decided to part ways with the band. The post was filled soon enough by Peter Dimitrov. The band remained in that lineup until June 2018, when drummer Ivo Ivanov left the band due to personal reasons. His position is filled by Pavlin Nikolov since then. Currently, CONCRETE is located in its hometown Shumen, playing shows and constantly working over new material of PURE DEATH METAL.

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