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  • Jason Hesley

Concrete Ties to release 'Unrecognizable' on August 19th!

CONCRETE TIES blends fast-paced drumming with a guitar-centric thrash metal/beatdown vibe. Born out of Western Massachusetts, this quartet brings together members from New York City, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. On vocals Leyla Eileen's fierce screams will inspire rage in all who dare to step foot on the floor. Old school thrash metal riffs mixed with chunky palm mutes are sure to please any metal or hardcore fan.

Formed in 2017 by Jeff Facci (FULL BLOWN CHAOS), Dan Menard (FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE) and Josh Venn (BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED). CONCRETE TIES released their debut E.P. “Twisting The Knife” in 2018 and released the single “Total Recall” in 2019.


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