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  • Jason Hesley

Complete Snake to release the Album Red Hog!

About the Album

Just like the meaning behind their band, album and song titles, Complete Snake's sound is not easy to pin down. You'll hear elements of death metal, metalcore, post-hardcore and more, chaotically slammed together with violent force. Underneath it all you can pick up on influences from At The Gates, inspiration that the band make reference to with their song titles. But this is a unique take on this music, making it barely recognisable at times and giving it a whole new energy and power.

Other than raw aggression and impressive instrumentation, the band also bring a unique and refreshing sense of humour to the table. Death metal is often unable to laugh at itself, which at times can be a bit of a letdown, but not Complete Snake, they fully embrace the ridiculous aspects of the genre and work that into their already unusual sense of humour. One that apparently has made them very popular in their part of the world.

The album combines wild Gothenburg inspired shredding with chaotic drum work and raw layered vocals that at times are completely unhinged, collectively gicing the album an almost wall of noise effect. It crashes down on the listener over and over, with some respite found in the more emotive post-hardcore segments woven in throughout. But if you're hoping for a track that allows you to catch your breath, then you'll have to wait for track 4, Suffocate Manifestation Manipulate, which runs for over ten minutes and takes its time in parts to build up atmosphere and tension. Aside from this track though, you are in for a hammering.

So dive into the unhinged world of Complete Snake and get your ass handed to you for 23 straight minutes.

Track Listing:

1. Eternal Cadence Of Dripping Chasm (03:10)

2. Hog At The Jates (04:49)

3. Decimation Yew Boy (04:25)

4. Suffocate Manifestation Manipulate (10:58)

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