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  • Jason Hesley

Comatose Music unleash new four-way split!

For more than two decades Comatose Music have been at the forefront of the burgeoning brutal death metal scene. Pioneers in extremity and champions of the grotesque and obscene, the angry, flaming brand of Comatose on an album’s blistering skin is an absolute guarantee of earthshaking heaviness and shocking brutality. For their next release the label have assembled four exponents of the most barbarous, cold-blooded death metal imaginable; all with a different approach to their caustic assaults, but all ready and willing to commit Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty!

Featuring twelve new tracks of matchless weight and wickedness, Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty is an essential release for all fans of unbridled brutality. Texans Kill Everything launch the first artillery barrage, their waves of remorseless, surging power and scorched earth riffing representing the absolute epitome of brutal death metal. With barely a pause for breath the heavy artillery of NecroticGoreBeast then takes up the attack. These Canadian monsters have been sending seismic shocks through the scene with their Human Deviance Galore album and the three new explosions of viscera that appear on Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty can only further enhance their reputation as masters of technical, slamming magnificence. When the cannons of NecroticGoreBeast fall silent the heavy armour of Virulent Excision roars into the breach, the Chicago based battalion crushing all resistance beneath their tracks, blasting through every defence.

Finally the lunatic legions of Larry Wang’s Gorepot take to the field, delivering the coup de grace to the mutilated wounded with their ultra guttural, trench dredging filth and ugly, unbalanced humour. No one walks away from an encounter with these forces of bedlam and battery!

August 19th is the date ordained for the declaration of war, when Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty will go over the top. The banner they march behind, the brilliant artwork of Aziz Blcxstry, features demented beasts from all four featured bands’ album covers, united in a mission to bring suffering and destruction to mankind; a perfect visual representation of the sonic horrors lurking within. If you think you know heavy – think again and prepare to suffer Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty...

Get a taste of each band's warped wares now at the Comatose Music YouTube channel:

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