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  • Jason Hesley

Colpocleisis to release "Elegant Degradation" on March 3rd!

In the dark places, down the filth strewn alleyways, amongst the rot and decay beneath the bridges, in the subway tunnels and sewers where the shadows never lift and the stench never dissipates…they live. They fornicate and feast in the needles and the rats. They prey upon the missing, the frightened and alone, gorging on their flesh and basking in their pain. They dance their ritual dances in the mud and blood and bones, but they have forgotten who and what they are. Hopelessly absorbed in purposeless, perpetual desecration…deformed and soulless…the lost children of degradation.

Colpocleisis, the UK’s kings of slamming death metal depravity have returned with their second full length album, Elegant Degradation, featuring eleven tracks of primitive, gutter dwelling sickness. Following on from the vicious Human Dignity Violated EP (2020) Colpocleisis have continued their voyage into the darkest depths of human existence, forcing their way even further into the fetid crevices inhabited by those whose spirit has been slaughtered by continual exposure to the worst that mankind can offer. Cataclysmic riffs and the most inhuman vocal exhortations imaginable, drums that are attacked with a savagery bordering on the psychopathic and a bass presence that threatens to invoke total internal collapse. Be it the furious assault of ‘Evangenital Obliteration’, the repugnant, choking sludge of ‘Degrade’ or the bewildering insanity of ‘Flagellating At The Slab’, Elegant Degradation is not for those with a delicate disposition or a weak stomach. Only the most intrepid explorers of the horror that dwells beneath the shining veneer of civilisation need apply.

An eye-opening, ear destroying slab of slam, Elegant Degradation will be unleashed through Reality Fade Records on March 3rd. Housed in the gloriously nightmare inducing artwork of Daniel Francisco, mixed and mastered at Januaryo Hardy’s Insidious Soundlab (Stabbing, Brodequin, Anal Stabwound etc) and featuring guest vocal appearances from Chris Butterworth (Crepitation), Neil Hudson (ex-Gutworm), Mat Davies (.357 Homicide) and Jake Gamble (.357 Homicide) this album is the complete package, the ultimate expression of corrosive, grotesque slam. Welcome to the pit of putrescence…abandon hope, all who enter here.

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