• Jason Hesley

Colombian metal masters ESHTADUR gear up for exclusive livestream "Murder of Crows"

ESHTADUR was one of the most prominent bands in Latin American metal last 2020. Despite the pandemic, the Colombian group managed to present their relentless album From the Abyss and impact the entire metal market with their mix of innate talent and professionalism. Now, the band delights us with a unique opportunity to enjoy these songs in a unique format.

Murder of Crows is a gathering. Scavengers in the wild, crows, have a rich association with death and fear. Crows, loud, rambunctious, and highly intelligent, have had a long history of being associated with the macabre. When a crow dies, the group gathers and investigates.

Conceived and produced by the distinguished Colombian label HATEWORKS, Murder of Crows is the private area for members created for the enjoyment of this exclusive and highly professional content.

The private area includes a video show of the album 'From the Abyss' (available only on July 9th), downloadable wallpapers, gallery with recent photos of the band, access to live songs, and more.

To become a member, visit the following link and buy your ticket.

You can enter Murder of Crows at any time once you purchase the ticket. To see the show you must buy the ticket to be a part of the Murder of Crows experience.

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