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  • Jason Hesley

"Collateral Damage" is Coming From AITTALA's Doomy New Album “Live to Regret”

Aittala can best be described as eclectic doom, they have taken inspiration from other genres such as sludge, power, and traditional metal. They are gearing up to release their sixth album “Live yo Regret” this fall and to intrigue listeners, they offering their first single “Collateral Damage” accompanied with a music video. The single is a hard rock/metal track about dealing with relationship ultimatums set to catchy, memorable riffs and comes with a video. They had this to say about it:

“It was the first song written for the album during the pandemic. The lyrics were inspired by a very chaotic relationship one of the band members was going through at that time. The girlfriend was very controlling and kept drawing lines and giving ultimatums until it reached the breaking point and the relationship shattered. The music flowed as organically as the lyrics and it came together very quickly. We are very proud of this song and video and excited for the fans to experience it!”

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