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  • Jason Hesley

Collapsed Minds release "Abyss"

The music world is set to be taken by storm with the latest release from Collapsed Minds, titled "Abyss". Released on June 30, 2023, through Kvlt und Kaos Productions, this album represents the pinnacle of melodic death metal, striking a remarkable balance between intense aggression and captivating grooves. "Abyss" stands out as an unyielding exploration of the genre, where every track resonates with profound intensity. The album is a symphony of meticulously crafted songs, each showcasing the band's commitment to excellence. From intricate guitar riffs to thunderous drumming, and haunting vocals, Collapsed Minds has created a chilling yet inviting musical experience. The album features the hit single "Viech ausm Woid", a track that has already garnered massive acclaim in the metal community. Known for its memorable hooks and poignant lyrics, it highlights the band's versatility and musical prowess, making it a highlight in an already impressive lineup. Listeners are invited to dive deep into the abyss with this release, as Collapsed Minds masterfully merge the brutal with the beautiful. From the first note to the last, "Abyss" demands attention, offering a sound that is as mesmerizing as it is menacing. For fans of melodic death metal and for those looking to experience the cutting edge of the genre, "Abyss" by Collapsed Minds is an essential listen. Prepare to be engulfed in a world where raw power meets rhythmic elegance, a world that only Collapsed Minds can create.


  1. Cyber Eternity

  2. Villain in the Mirror

  3. Blank Episodes

  4. Beast of Prey

  5. Viech ausm Woid

  6. The Undying

  7. Dead End

  8. Quarantine

  9. Python´s Tongue

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