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  • Jason Hesley

Coffin Womb to release Godless in February!

I worry, sometimes, about speaking in hyperbole when it comes to Syrup Moose Records releases, but then I hear something like Coffin Womb’s upcoming Godless, and realize - nah fuck it, lets hyperbolize, because this record is going to cave your head in from the first god damn note.

Relentlessly heavy and grinding, this hardcore/death metal/grind record is sure to delight, and makes for a hell of a follow up to 2023’s Hymnals. Buckle up and just get yourself ready to put some fresh holes in your wall.

Also, Patry really fucking creeped me out, so be ready for that.

As always, Godless will release on cassette, and have an accompanying tarot card.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Hello Sailor StudiosCello on Heart Shaped Lungs by Avery Blackheart

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