• Jason Hesley

Code Noir recently released their EP, Jack of All Spades.

Code Noir is a heavy rock/metal band, having members from Greece and Sweden. Currently a duo, the group was initially formed in 2015 by Michael T (vocals/guitars), Moth (guitars), Adam Chapman (bass), and Vaart Pilgrem (drums). The members brought their background and experience from a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from theatrical music to punk rock to extreme metal. At the time, their music was a mixture of high energy modern hard rock with metal and punk elements. Shortly before the band entered the studio to record their debut, Moth and Vaart Pilglem left for personal reasons, leaving Michael T and Adam Chapman to continue. The duo completed the recording of “Burn Card,” a six-song mini-LP with two bonus tracks, released by Metal Scrap Records.

After a futile search to complete the lineup, Michael T and Adam Chapman decided that Code Noir would continue as a duo. With the musical style moving away from the punk influences to a much more heavy rock/metal focused sound, work began on new material. This resulted in the upcoming Code Noir Mini-LP, Jack of All Spades.

The five songs of Jack of All Spades speak of the darkness of the human psyche, drawing from principal songwriter Michael T’s experiences and insight as a professional psychologist. The lyrics talk about embracing the dark core that human beings mostly try to hide from others (“The Devil Within”) to avoid feelings of worthlessness caused by the endless pursuit of material gain (“Supersonic”). A relationship lost because of silence is the topic of Words Never Said, while Monarch focuses on manipulation and mind control through dismantling the victim’s personality. Finally, the mini-LP ends on with an optimistic note, as there is always a way to break through the agents of control and forge a new path (“Crucify Their Way”).

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