• Jason Hesley

CODE NOIR: Greek/Swedish duo reveals new track “Supersonic” from the upcoming EP!

Heavy metal/rock pair Code Noir’s upcoming five-song EP, Jack of All Spades, explores the darkness of the human psyche, drawing from principal songwriter Michael T’s experiences and insight as a professional psychologist. As the final and the second single of the mini-album, the Greek/Swedish group shares the track “Supersonic.”

Michael (vocals, guitars, and bass) informs:

“‘Supersonic’ tells the story of a man who is a slave to his own vanity and narcissism, who had hopes and dreams but not quite enough potential to fulfill them. Through the passage of time, this truth becomes painfully clear to him, so he waits and waits for the liberation that death will bring, striking fast.”

Premiered at MoshPitNation, the track is available on all major digital platforms; stream it AT THIS LOCATION.

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