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  • Jason Hesley

Coathanger Abortion to release "Plan C" on October 21st!

Below the fractured, blackened crust of our reality seethes a burning morass of sickness and suffering. Nightmares wait beneath our feet with open maws and bared teeth, willing the foundations of our world to give way, for a misplaced step to send us tumbling into madness. The fall from mundanity into unmitigated horror is always just a moment away...blood and pain, torture and torment, senseless chaos and merciless sadism. The agents of insanity shift hungrily, anticipating your sudden descent into their darkness, your screaming slide into the meat grinder...

Waiting to ensnare the unwary passerby are notorious Tennessee sensibility-shockers Coathanger Abortion, with their gore-gargling third album, Plan C. However, Coathanger Abortion are about more than simply a gloriously confrontational band name and album artwork that forces you face first into a bucket of warm blood. Behind the initial eye-gouging impact lies some shockingly good death metal and songs that have been crafted with skill and a supreme mastery of this brutal art. There’s not a moment on Plan C that isn’t bone-breaking in its heaviness, but it’s also disconcerting, disarming and unnerving, embedded with devilish hooks and utterly addictive. Take the deftness of touch which sculpts the texture and constructs the atmosphere of ‘Dead Walking’, the melodic progressions that lead the listener through the terrors of ‘What Lies Underneath’ or the collision of groove and supreme intensity that fuels ‘Dissecting Society’ – this is accomplished, muscular extremity of the highest echelons. Inventive, creative and absorbing, featuring seven original tracks and a crushing cover of Broken Hope’s classic ‘Cannibal Crave’, Plan C sees Coathanger Abortion hitting new levels and painting this vision of terror with painstaking attention to every blood flecked detail.

United once more with Comatose Music, the label that served up their first two banquets of battery – 2009s Dying Breed and 2015s Observations of Humanity – Coathanger Abortion are ready to take on the world once more; and this time they’re not playing around. On October 21st you’ll feel those claws encircle your ankles before you’re dragged down into a magnificently realised massacre of the senses. It’s time to activate Plan C...the spiral down to your destruction starts here!

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