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  • Jason Hesley


Midwest post-black metal operatives CHROME WAVES release the second single and music video from their forthcoming album. Check out “The Nail” now at all streaming/download platforms and watch the video HERE

"I feel like every one of our albums ends up having an oddball track. Not that the song is out of place from the others, but it tends to push the boundaries of what we're totally comfortable with at the time of recording,” explains guitarist and band founder Jeff Wilson. “That track this time around was, ‘The Nail.’ We wanted to try some new instrumentation for this record, but this almost has an Alice in Chains goes country vibe in the first half, before retreating into utter chaos when Mac Gollehon shows up with a trumpet solo... some definite firsts for the band."

“The Nail” follows “Under the Weight of a Billion Souls,” which was the first taste of new music, released late last year when M-Theory announced our collaboration with CHROME WAVES. Combining key elements of CHROME WAVES’ sound, you’ll be entranced by the traditional and modern black metal aspects, while venturing into more ambient and alternative moments that pull you in balancing the light and darkness of their sound.

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