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  • Jason Hesley


Ocultum adds:

"To put it simply, I think RESIDUE is the slab in the grave of hippie doom in South America. Somehow we realized that we sounded different from what everyone was doing, there were precedents of heaviness in the area, but it was always the same: Either very monotonously heavy or very psychedelic stoned. In addition, in terms of sound and recording, Residue came to demonstrate that a sound similar to that grown in Europe or the USA is possible in South America, with the same means as any studio.

RESIDUE has stood the test of time, being released on Tape and Vinyl (on sale and fresh out of the oven) by Interstellar Smoke Records from Poland, on Tape here in Chile by Manifectation Productions, and some time ago on CD by Black Bow England Records, owned by Conan's Jon Davis. All this speaks of an album that, while not being extremely well known, has become an underground gem for those looking for difficult to digest sounds and far from the marketing lights.

We are the heaviest sludge band in South America, and any who have a problem with that, must see us playing live, we take your sound of flowers and psychedelic rainbows, we immerse them in the mud of the raw reality that lives in our streets, in the alleys of junkies crawling for another fix. RESIDUE is a first-rate chronicle on all of this, and here is our heavy weight.

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