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  • Jason Hesley

Chilean black metal band NOX TERROR releases new single "CEREMONY OF ETERNAL NIGHT"

Nox Terror, the Chilean black metal band, has announced the release of the single "Ceremony of Eternal Night," originally intended to be part of the acclaimed DOPPELGANGER. This single is a dark symphony, featuring more melodic chords that immerse us in a hypnotic trance, where flickering candles illuminate a stage of darkness in the forest, weaving dancing shadows among the twisted trees.

Regarding the release of the single, the vocalist, CHAOS, declares: "'Ceremony of Eternal Night' is more than a song; it's an anthem to primordial darkness, where decay and power merge in a sinister pact under the dim light of the moon. It's not often said, but those who had the privilege of hearing it before experienced nightmares and other symptoms of evil."

Although the track was born in 2022, recorded, mixed, and mastered at CHAOS PRODUCCIONES studios, it is in this year, 2024, that "Ceremony of Eternal Night" is summoned from the darkness to be remastered in Norway by Raaksha Studios and thus be released on all digital platforms in an unprecedented manner.


Nox Terror emerged in Santiago de Chile in 2021 as a One Man Band project

headed by CHAOS, who explored the depths of black metal with his unique vision and dark. In 2022, the band underwent a significant transformation by joining talented musicians like L on lead guitar, MORKETS on drums and 1338 on bass. This new lineup added a new dimension to Nox Terror's sound, cementing their identity in the extreme metal scene.

Throughout its history, Nox Terror has released several official works that highlight its ability to conjure dark and evocative soundscapes. Among these works are "Doppelganger"and "Toxic Poem";, which have received praise for their intensity and lyrical depth. Nox Terror's music is available on all platforms.

digital, bringing their message of horror and darkness to a global audience.

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