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  • Jason Hesley

Chicago's FER DE LANCE Releasing 'The Hyperborean' in April on Cruz Del Sur Music!

Capitalizing on the promise displayed on their 2020 Colossus EP, Chicago’s Fer De Lance return with their first LP, The Hyperborean, April 22 on Cruz Del Sur Music. Filled with atmospheric brilliance, power vocals and woven with acoustic guitars, the album redefines North American metal! On The Hyperborean, Fer De Lance channel Hammeheart-era Bathory and Rainbow’s Rising!

Fer De Lance released their debut Colossus EP in March 2020. The four-song collection wielded an adventurous, triumphant display of metal rarely heard on North American shores that were rife with acoustic and electric guitar interplay and the melodious, powerful vocals of MP. Colossus, though, was merely the harbinger of better things ahead. Fer De Lance has since expanded their lineup, fleshed out their technical capabilities, and dug even deeper into their vast pool of influences. Out of it comes The Hyperborean, the band’s first full-length album.

Fer De Lance returned to Altered States Studio in Chicago with Colossus producer and engineer Matt Russell. This time, founding members MP (vocals, guitars) and Rüsty (bass) were joined by new additions Scud (drums) and Mandy Martillo (acoustic guitar/vocals). The freshly-branded quartet assembled seven songs of remarkable depth and complexity. Extreme metal elements have now fully entered the fray, while the band’s trademark acoustic/electric guitar blend has ascended to greater heights. Indeed, some of the tracks were written in such a manner that it forced the members of Fer De Lance to become better musicians and to prepare for their debut in the live arena.

The Hyperborean tells the story of a mariner who leaves the depravity and injustice of the “civilized” world in search of a land devoid of pain and suffering. The mariner’s adventure is detailed in Adam Burke’s cover art — at the forefront, the temple represents both the starting place and the civilization that the mariner aims to leave behind. The aurora borealis and the mountain of ice represent the desolate destination and the stars above, the guide. The mariner and his crew follow the stars in the hope of salvation. However, what they find is not what they expect and those left unburied never cross Acheron.

The Hyperborean concept was born from MP’s extended isolation during last winter’s pandemic. Rooted within this world, the concept is not intended to be escapist fantasy but it inspires the cold beauty of dark seas, frigid winds and starry nights. The character’s travels also provide Fer De Lance the optimal setting to explore their wealth of ideas. And, of course, it is only fitting that MP’s impassioned vocals serve as the guide for a journey across the seas, winds, stars and ice.

Fer De Lance’s transformation will continue with their first-ever live show this April at the prestigious Keep It True festival in Germany. The band has tapped J. Geist of Chicago’s Beastlurker as a second guitar player and to help MP re-produce their music in a live setting. It is yet another step in a journey that is only just beginning.

Track Listing:

1. Aurora Borealis

2. The Mariner

3. Ad Bestias

4. Sirens

5. Northern Skies

6. Arctic Winds

7. The Hyperborean

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