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  • Jason Hesley

Check Out THE VIOLENT INZIDENT Official Music Video for "Nu Metal"!

- UK Based Post-Nu-Metal-Sub-Core supergroup THE VIOLENT INZIDENT have released the official music video for "Nu Metal," off of their upcoming LP, This Is Nu Metal!.

THE VIOLENT INZIDENT has arrived with an unhealthy mix of comedy and parody that will have Nu-Metal fans worldwide taking their Korn, Linkin Park, and Slipknot albums down to cash converters faster than you can say chocolate starfish and the water flavored hotdog.

Their debut album This Is Nu Metal! Is going to be released on April 1st but this is no joke. Well actually it is.

Having already fired their first shots at world domination, their first three singles “Nu-Metal!”, “Triggered (The Snowflake Anthem)”, and "Brazil Is Great" have racked up an insane number of fake views and paid for likes, courtesy of the singer’s rich parents.

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