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  • Jason Hesley

Check out the new single 'Zepperiah' from 'YUUGE'

“This is gonna be yuuuuuge,” said Lyft driver Giovanni Stonecipher as he turned the volume up to the song Zepperiah to levels only comfortable to a wildebeest.

And thus, the band was dubbed YUUGE. An unlikely International Progressive Metal pairing  of singer, Evan, of the island of Cyprus, multi-instrumentalist, Ryan, of the icy hell of Minneapolis, and drummer, Ross, of the cruel, cruel desert of Phoenix, YUUGE simultaneously interweaves formula-crushing song structures, aggressive brutality, transcendental beauty and, at times, the suspicious near silence of a cobra trapped in a wine bottle.

In an age in which Tik-Tok influencers and AI each calculatedly simulate art by parroting exhausted themes and chord structures with as much spirit as a Senator disposes a condom wrapper, YUUGE sits like Göbekli Tepe next to a Pizza Hut.

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