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  • Jason Hesley

Check Out ‘Evil Hand’, The New Official Video From POLYMERASE!

POLYMERASE – Evil Hand [Official Video]

Taken from the album: Dreams and Realities I | Sliptrick Records | 2023

Rescue me and deliver me out of the hand of aliens

Whose mouth speaks deceit

And whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood

Polymerase say; "The last part of the lyrics of 'Evil Hand' is taken from psalms 144:11. It is a reminder to oneself that to be cautious about the choices you will make either financially, physically, romantically that by the end of the day, the choices you will make still depends on you as long as the end result will not destroy you in the future; either mentally, financially or physically. But even if you made a wrong choice you still have to be strong and move forward."

Evil Hand plays a key part in the concept of Dreams and Realities I. The central character of the story, represented by the astronaut (or the sage) is faced with an Evil Hand, a representation of all the negative emotions and persuasions of the human species.

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