• Jason Hesley

Check out "Defiant" by Sinfool!

Sinfool is a tuned down metal groove band that formed in 2018 from Topeka, Kansas. This band thrives on playing live shows and spreading our music to the masses. We take every opportunity to write new material to progress in our style. Sinfool has played shows all around the Midwest and plans on spreading our madness to more locations. Sinfool is a 3 piece band which members have tearing up the scene for 20 + years and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. There’s something for every metalhead out there. This band thrives on playing our songs live with great crowd participation at every show. With exploding drums, crunchy thick guitar, thick low-end bass guitar, hardcore angry mixed with clean melodic vocals, Sinfool puts out a huge metal groove sound.

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