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  • Jason Hesley

CHAOSFEAR breaking rules and paradigms in new EP!

Since returning to active duty in 2018, brazilian Thrash Metal band CHAOSFEAR have released several singles, EPs and especially "Be The Light In Dark Days", an album that clearly showed a significant evolution of their old Thrash Metal sound into something more dense, melancholic and modern, bringing more technical layers, somber and cadence to the compositions while keeping both feet firmly planted in the purest heaviness of the genre. Now, following the premise of not being stuck in any comfort zone and breaking all the rules, standards and paradigms within the band's sound, Fernando Boccomino (vocals/guitar), Eduardo Boccomino (guitar), Marco Nunes (bass) and Fabio Moyses (drums) will return with new material in their latest, emotionally charged conceptual EP titled "Aeternum"!

"Aeternum", scheduled for release in November 2nd, All Souls’ Day, will be a giant leap in CHAOSFEAR's growing career over more than 20 years, bringing conceptual lyrical content based on the grief, pain and anguish that everyone went through over the last year, especially the Boccomino brothers who lost very close and dear ones, incorporating symphonic, dense and even more melancholic sounds never heard before in a band's work, such as guitars, keyboards and cellos.

"Aeternum" tracklist:

"Until Your Last Breath"


"A Pit Of Sadness"

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