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  • Jason Hesley

CHAOS RISING: all-female metal project to release new video, "Silent Dasein"

International all-female metal collective Chaos Rising is set to release their twenty-first (!) video, ‘Silent Dasein’, this Friday 4th February.

'Silent Dasein' is a powerful death metal track that introduces new Chaos Rising member Haniye Kian (Iran), the vocalist of Desecrate, who also wrote the lyrics. With music by Stéphanie Nolf (guitar, France), bass from Silvia Pistolesi (Italy), drums by Ely Kamyk (France) and a stunning guitar solo from Victoria Villareal (USA), this is a killer team!

Founded by French multi-instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf (Unsafe, Syrinx), Chaos Rising is a unique project that brings together female metal musicians from across the globe. ‘Silent Dasein’ is the girls’ heaviest and most technically ambitious release yet.

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