• Jason Hesley

CELTIC HILLS Release New Official Video for 'The 7 Headed Dragon of Osoppo'!

While 'Mystai Keltoy' continues to have great reviews around the world, today Italian legendary Speed/thrash metallers CELTIC HILLS release their new official video 'The 7 Headed Dragon of Osoppo', taken from the band's new album 'Mystai Keltoy', released on May 15th 2021 via Elevate Records.

Jonathan, the band's frontman stated:

"The video is a mix between a 'making of' and a real live video and which was also a fun for the band during its making, as you can see. The song is inspired by the legend of the Dragon of Osoppo, a terrible seven-headed dragon that afflicted the local population and made their life impossible until a hermit managed to free them from this terrible slavery by killing the dragon."

Everything "Mystai Keltoy" (which is an enigmatic name that alludes to the Eleusian Mysteries) is inspired by themes ranging from ancient alien civilizations, European pyramids, legends and historical facts of Friuli, as you can already guess from the album cover. The disc was recorded and produced at the Groove Factory in Udine by Michele Guaitoli, a prominent name for being the lead singer of Temperance, Vision of Atlantis, Era.

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