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  • Jason Hesley

CELESTIAL WIZARD Share An In-depth Look At Their Tasty Riffs On “Revenant” In Playthrough Video!

at of the guitars and drums gives the song a galloping, energetic feel. The song’s lyrics revolve around immortality and the loneliness and anger that comes with living forever. The track is a step in a new direction from the previous album, featuring primarily singing, instead of the signature death metal vocal stylings.

Guitarist/vocalist Nick Daggers details the writing process::

“Guillermo and I have a bevy of riffs, sometimes rough drafts of complete songs, saved in our respective DAWs. We parse through everything and find riffs that we think are strong/unique and start piecing together the song structures. Once we have the first drafts, we send them to Tim for revisions. Tim has a good ear for the pacing and flow of a song and helps us dial in what we have. After revisions, we start working on the lyrics. All of us take on lyric writing duties, with Amethyst and myself handling the majority of lyrics. From there we rehearse songs as a group until they’re strong enough to perform or record, tweaking things as needed.”

Celestial Wizard delivers an energetic and engaging performance while keeping the sound tight. Even in the playthrough video, the passion and fire are evident. They aim to keep this momentum throughout their performances, they strive to entertain fans and have their songs come alive. Armed with a fresh album, a potent sound, and superb musicianship, Celestial Wizard is ready to bring its music to fans around the world. They are highly suggested for fans of Galaktikon, Dark Tranquillity, and Firewind.

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