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  • Jason Hesley

CAVE DWELLER: American dark neo-folk entity to release new album "Invocations" in November!

American dark neo-folk entity CAVE DWELLER is pleased to announce their upcoming new album "Invocations", due out November 21st 2022 via Aesthetic Death. Obscure, dark, introspection After the deserved attention received for the debut “Walter Goodman” album – CAVE DWELLER return with “Invocations” - a new collection of eclecticism, obscurity and personal introspection. Whilst “Walter Goodman” felt more like one man, a guitar and a very private message in his apocalyptic folk, “Invocations” has a much darker tone to the overall feel of the album – more varied instrumentation and droning sounds. Lush soundscapes created with varied instrumentation, all amidst spoken word musing.Invocations” is vaguely reminiscent of some periods of Current 93 in parts, but just so difficult to describe to those not familiar with his music. If you enjoyed any of the works of CAVE DWELLER, or PANDO, or have an interest in obscure dark introspective music – then be sure to check this out. Tracklist:

01. Invitation 02. To Accept the Shadow 03. Bird Song 04. The Meeting 05. Entelechy 06. The Lightkeeper 07. Mirror 08. Solastalgia

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