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  • Jason Hesley

Cathari: Stream Philly Noisecore Group’s EP ‘It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive’

Philadelphia-based Cathari has released their EP, It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive, their first studio offering since transitioning into noisecore from doom metal. The EP is available on cassettes and digital.

Vocalist Magdalena Stephens shares:

“‘It Will Hurt The Entire Time You Are Alive’ is like a thesis statement for my own sadness and disappointment into adulthood. Every song is about disappointment in its own way, be it with the music scene, the people I used to call friends, or even myself. Growing older has been a bitter and unforgiving experience and I wanted to capture the rage that percolates beneath the surface of my life as I come to find it’s just all disappointment all the way down.”

STREAM It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive on digital platforms AT THIS LOCATION.

ORDER it on Bandcamp HERE.

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