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Cathari returns with It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive!

Cathari returns with It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive, marking their first studio offering since their transition into a new soundscape. The EP is scheduled for 24 May on cassettes and digital.

Originating from the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cathari has rapidly ascended over the last two years, shifting styles away from their doom metal roots to emerge as a formidable force in the realm of noisecore. Comprised of a collective of aficionados from various corners of extreme music, the metamorphosis of Cathari is a sonic onslaught culminated from diverse influences, ranging from the unstrained chaos of powerviolence and metallic hardcore to the relentless aggression and destruction of sludge and noise.

Cathari’s upcoming EP, It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive, fuses off-kilter time signatures and blasts of harsh noise with tons of energy and an enduring level of bitterness that refuses to wash off. Each of the tracks is a whirlwind of intensity, reflecting the band’s unapologetic approach to musical expression. 

This four-track EP captures the simmering rage that accompanies the bitter journey into adulthood, channeling feelings of disappointment toward the music scene, past friendships, and personal introspection.

Cathari is confirmed for a slew of shows in the Mid-Atlantic and will soon have the pleasure of opening for Intercourse, one of their primary influences.

Track Listing:

1. Philadelphia

2. It Will Hurt 

3. Weight

4. Don't Fear Death

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