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  • Jason Hesley

CATAFALQUE Announce New Album, Dybbuk, Release First Single "Infestation"

CATAFALQUE deliver drone doom metal with strong influences of noise and industrial, resulting in an extreme, experimental and uncompromising sound. Their new album Dybbuk will be released on October 13th, 2023 via Aural Music / Code666. Today the band has revealed the first single, "Infestation". You can stream it HERE.

Inspired by a malicious spirit from ancient folklore, Dybbuk is an album that is overwhelming and crushing, embodying a deeply layered swamp of percussion, atmospheric noise, and loud, bassy frequencies. Dybbuk is an extreme and abrasive album that marries the exhaustive and overwhelming qualities of old school doom metal with the harsh textures and frequencies found in noise and industrial. Dybbuk will appeal greatly to fans of established acts such as KHANATE, THE BODY, THOU, MERZBOW, GODFLESH and PRURIENT.

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