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  • Jason Hesley

CARRION VAEL Announce Release Tour, Reveal New Music Video!

Melodic death metallers CARRION VAEL are celebrating the release of their latest album, Abhorrent Obsessions, with a string of tour dates in the US and Canada. Abhorrent Obsessions was released on on August 12th via Unique Leader.

Commenting on the tour, vocalist Travis Lawson Purcell shared: “'We are very excited to hit the road for a few days in support of our “Abhorrent Obsessions” release. We will going out for a lot more shows throughout the rest 2022, with even bigger things in store for 2023."

Elaborating on the video, he continued: "'Tithes of forbearance' touches on the life and crimes of Herbert Mullin. Mullin’s severe paranoid schizophrenia made him believe that only blood, derived through the killing of 13 people, could save the state of California from God’s wrath of an earthquake which would result in the state falling into the Pacific Ocean. He once confessed his murders to a priest, but upon exiting the confession booth, realized that God would actually prefer he bashed Father Henri Tomei’s head in instead."

Watch the music video to 'The Devil In Me' here:

Order Abhorrent Obsessions here:

Carrion Vael Tour Dates:

September 8th - The Kingsland - Brooklyn, New York

September 9th - Parana Bar - Montreal, Quebec

September 10th - Care Dekuf - Ottowa, Ontario

September 11th - Rhythm and Brews - Cambridge, Ontario

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