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Capra launches new single, “Samuraiah Carey”

On April 23rd, Capra will release their debut full-length, In Transmission, via Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records. For a preview of the album, the new single, “Samuraiah Carey”, can be heard at:

A video for the previously released single, “The Locust Preacher” (directed by Matt Valentin), can be viewed at: – where In Transmission can also be pre-ordered.

Predominantly tracked in December 2019, In Transmission was recorded with Jai Benoit (Golgothan, Father Rust), then mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) and mastered by Brad Boatwright (Pig Destroyer, Integrity, Torche, Idle Hands). The only exceptions were “Mutt,” “Transfiguration,” and “Deadbeat Assailant,” which were recorded during the pandemic lockdown, and required the members to go into the studio individually to lay down their parts rather than all going in together. The hardest aspect of making the record turned out to be naming it. “We went through a plethora of titles trying to find what we felt was the perfect name,” Paramore says. “We’ve been sitting on the majority of this record since the end of 2019 and had originally hoped to send it out to the masses mid-summer, but thanks to the pandemic, all of that obviously got pushed back. In a lot of ways, this is a message we’ve been trying to send out that has essentially been stuck or lost in transmission for a year now, and we’re all ready for that message to finally be received.”

In Transmission track-listing 1. [Exordium] 2. Hollow Doll 3. The Locust Preacher 4. Medusa 5. Torture Ship 6. Paper Tongues 7. Mutt 8. Transfiguration 9. Red Guillotine 10. Deadbeat Assailant 11. Samuraiah Carey

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