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  • Jason Hesley

CANINE Release New Single "Vessels"

Israeli metalcore bruisers CANINE are set to release their next single, “Vessels” on August 16th, 2023. This is the fourth of many planned singles, leading up to their second full-length, Perception, due out early 2024.

The band comments on the single: “Vessels is about battling with depression, anxiety, and addiction, understanding depression is a disease that can consume you, and the endless search for some relief, peace of mind, and a place to call home.”

Since forming in 2009 in Modiin, Israel, CANINE have been making a name for themselves by defying convention, creating their own distinct sound and never settling for anything that was just run of the mill or ordinary. Rather, the band have stretched the boundaries of their sound, through the trials of line-up changes and military service in the IDF. CANINE has established themselves as a powerhouse of the metalcore scene, while incorporating a healthy dose of groove metal, nu-metal and post-hardcore into their signature sound.

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