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  • Jason Hesley

CANI DEI PORTICI: Italian noisemongers premiere "Break Away" video!

Today Italian noise rock/instrumental outfit CANI DEI PORTICI share the new single "Break Away". Watch the animated video at THIS LOCATION. CANI DEI PORTICI will be releasing their new album, "Hype For Nothing", on April 21st 2023 via Time To Kill Records. The video of the album's first single, "ASAP", is still available HERE. CANI DEI PORTICI offer an iridescent blend of instrumental sounds that embrace noise rock, post hardcore, stoner and much more. “Hype For Nothing” is a concept album about disappointment and life's expectations, about unattainable hopes and dreams, about efforts made to gain nothing: African and Asian migrants who don't make it to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea, a satisfying job or a good occupational pension that can never be reached, an untimely death, deferring what we would like to do until better times. The title is a joke about the album release. Famous manga artist Shintaro Kago took care of the album cover artwork. Tracklist:

01 Intro 02 Break Away 03 ASAP 04 Hype For Nothing 05 Disappointment Waltz 06 Farfalle 07 [Untitled](ghost track)

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