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  • Jason Hesley

Cancervo: Italian doom/psych trio’s local myth-infused 3rd LP out today via Electric Valley Records!

Italian doom/psych riffers Cancervo’s third record, III, is out now (on 29 March) via Electric Valley Records. On the album, the Italian trio continues the tradition of chronicling the myths surrounding Monte Cancervo — the Bergamo-based mountain that stands as the inspiration behind the band’s moniker as well as the thematic backdrop for their music.

Cancervo states:

“‘III’ represents a dark and gloomy moment for the band. The songs on the last album changed gig after gig and led to this new phase of the band. An increasingly characteristic voice is the master together with the inevitable and recognizable guitar riffs, which have always been the band’s trademark. This new creature will drag you into the eternal clash between the sacred and the profane, a characteristic that has always populated the traditions of the valley dominated by Mount Cancervo.”

Catch Cancervo live at Electric Valley Fest in Mezzago (Italy) alongside their labelmates Wizard Master and Chains on 26 April.

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