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  • Jason Hesley

Canadian Thrashers HYPERIA Announces New Album “The Serpent’s Cycle”

Hyperia is a Canadian melodic thrash metal band known for wailing vocals, shredding guitars, and fast, heavy drums. Formed in 2018, Hyperia combines elements of aggressive thrash with intricate guitar melodies alongside a wide variety of vocal styles, which have been showcased on an EP and two albums thus far, with the third full-length slated for release this November. The first single off “The Serpent’s Cycle” is the blistering “Prophet Of Deceit”, which takes a more serious tone than the other tracks on the album. The band comments:

“This track brings us back into a serious mood, it is a quite melodic and technical song starting off with blistering guitar into a full-force attack of drums. The working title for this song was “Shredlord Supreme”, which should give you an idea of what to expect. This song is about the problems we have with certain members of society and gaslighting. It’s a hard-hitting track that is full of energy throughout.”

This album “The Serpent’s Cycle” has a wide variety of riffs, ones that will remind listeners of the 80s and also ones that usher in the new era of modern thrash. Song order was intentionally chosen to ensure that each song is given its space between different songs and makes the album continue feeling fresh throughout. Hyperia expects “The Serpent’s Cycle” to be received very well by fans as everyone who has heard it so far agrees it’s by far the best album they’ve made. It has all the usual elements of a Hyperia album, just amplified and refined. They think it’s a huge step up from their previous releases and hope the reception for it proves that.

The melodic and aggressive 11-track album that included a cover of Heart's "Crazy On You" comes out on November 17, 2023, and is a perfect mix of old-school sensibilities and modern experimentation. It is recommended for fans of Exmortus, Municipal Waste, and Havok.

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