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  • Jason Hesley

Canadian Power Metal Force HROM Releasing 'Legends of Powerheart: Part II'

Canadian Power Metal force HROM have announced the October 1 release of Legends of Powerheart: Part II on limited edition vinyl! The date will mark the first vinyl release in the band's 12-year history.

Originally released in 2020 on limited edition CD (via Hoove Child Records) and digital formats, the group's Classic Style Power Metal Punch can now be enjoyed on turntables the world over! Limited to 100 copies, the self-released LP will be available for pre-order on September 3.

The album can be streamed in its entirety on Bandcamp.

The Powerheart Concept Explained:

The story is about Powerheart’s numerous failed attempts to escape his reality. Upon finding his kingdom is corrupt, the incredibly powerful swordsman Powerheart sets out to solve his depression and life crisis caused by this corruption. A stranger (known to the audience as The Seer) provides him a Time Diamond to use to travel through time and escape his old life. Upon using it, The Seer traps Powerheart in the future, wiping his memory and enlisting him to train and fight for him in his galactic warfare. Powerheart befriends a Serpent beast after slaying a rival beast of theirs.

He fails to kill the Enchanter who The Seer is pitted against in this futuristic war. With the help of Marvin (the Traveler mascot) he slays the Warrior of Time (Riot City’s mascot) to prevent it from killing him and taking the Time Diamond, (in response to Riot City’s song about killing Powerheart and taking the Time Diamond). He still winds back where he started having to face his original problems of the corrupt kingdom, now saved by “The Queen” from the Queen of Steel EP and his old kingdom has turned against him for abandoning them.

Track Listing:

1. Part II

2. Ethereal Travel

3. Seers Trial

4. Stargunner

5. Certain Doom

6. Spectral Horizon

7. Enchanter

8. Tri-Force Command

9. Final Strike

10. Death In The Night Sky

11. Serpent Rider

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