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Canadian nu metal band Flash Back have announced their single debut full-length album Drip So Slow!

Canadian nu metal band Flash Back have announced their upcoming single debut full-length album Drip So Slow, due for release on October 27. On the album, vocalist Nathan Daschuk shares, "Lyrically, musically, and visually - Drip So Slow navigates the multitude of emotions and anxieties that we, as a band and as friends, experienced during the writing and recording of the album.”

I really tried to write lyrics that embodied the genuine emotions that occurred throughout the experience. The result is dark, and brutally honest. The name ‘Drip So Slow’ is a representation of all of these feelings, fears, anxieties, etc. slowly piling on until it all became almost unbearable. We wanted music that was as heavy as the feelings, but also as melodic as the relationships that built the final piece.”

Drip So Slow is available to pre-save now at

Alongside the announcement, Flash Back have shared their new single and music video “Drip So Slow.” On the new song, the band shares, “Before this journey began, we were all dealing with serious mental health and/or personal issues. Drip So Slow’ is acknowledging and submitting to the toll of the human experience – I hope that people recognize that everyone is dealing with their own problems, crises, etc. and that they are not alone.”

“Drip So Slow” is available to stream now at and on YouTube at

Drip So Slow Tracklist:

1. (prologue)

2. Know My Name

3. Drip So Slow

4. Push The Pain

5. Seed Of Decay

6. Face The Fear

7. Sporting Secrets

8. Dopamine Delusions

9. Born A Freak (Now I See)

10. Rabid In The Aether

11. The Lies

Stay tuned for more at

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