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  • Jason Hesley

Canadian hardcore act Hellbent unleash three track video for "Save The Bees, Benchman and Slow Songs

"When your whole record is only 11 minutes long and you want to make a music video, what do you do? Write longer songs? Spend money on production for a 17 second song? We did neither. In fact, we spent the exact amount that Spotify pays us per year - $3.78.

First we dressed up like bees because we have a song about bees and messed up traffic on a busy street, and then we forgot that we did that and made a rap rock looking thing on a bench. Two blunts later, we still had a camera and got excited and shot a super chaotic video for Slow Songs with an umbrella and a hammer.

So 3 videos later, we mashed it all together and called it dinner. Enjoy!"

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