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  • Jason Hesley

Canadian hardcore act Citizen Rage release "Harsh Reality" full length; stream in its entirety!

Calgary hardcore punk band Citizen Rage are psyched as hell to finally release their first full length album. After self releasing a rainbow of 6 EP's, CR has teamed up with Cursed Blessings Records to unleash Harsh Reality on May 17th. The album is full of guest spots and includes a surprise cover of a well known Canadian punk band. find it on all major platforms as well as the bands Bandcamp page. The full album us currently streaming via punk website That's Good Enough For Me and can be found here: Mark Russell adds: "Harsh Reality" unearths a multitude of emotions, laying bare the unforgiving truths of our existence. It delves into the depths of government-led genocides, the heart-wrenching loss of friends to suicide or drug addiction. This album serves as a raw depiction of the genuine world we inhabit, stripping away the glossy facade of the filtered reality we encounter on a daily basis.

Citizen Rage will be hitting the road from May 17th to 27th with best buds and labelmates No More Moments to bring Harsh Reality to all their homies in western canada.

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