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  • Jason Hesley

Canadian band Crush the Core releases "Church of Demise"

Introducing "Church of Demise," the latest heavy-hitting anthem by Canadian hard rock/metal band, Crush the Core.

Delving deep into the complex interplay between religious manipulation and personal confrontation, this single is a tale of a religion-brainwashed wife confronted by her husband. A striking reminder of the often-found hypocrisy within religious sanctuaries, it combines intense melodic vocals with powerful riffs, urging listeners to challenge blind faith and discover personal truths. Kicking off with a dynamic drum intro inspired by Neal Smith’s “Billion Dollar Babies,” it pays tribute to the legendary Alice Cooper Band drummer, showcasing our commitment to honoring past icons.

Anticipate more such nods to drumming legends in their upcoming tracks. Fans of Sabbath, Black Label Society, and Metallica, here's something you wouldn't want to miss. Produced and mastered at Stef's studio, dive into a world of rebellion and realization with Crush the Core.

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