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  • Jason Hesley

Canada's THUNDEROR (ft. members of Skull Fist) Release Title Track Single From “Fire It Up"

Thunderor is a relatively new band, just having started up in the midst of the Covid pandemic when drummer JJ Tartaglia (Skull Fist) felt a calling to develop his singing and front his own band. He is joined by ex-Skull Fist bandmate Jonny Nesta and Oscar Rangel (Operus, ex-Annihilator) to create a heavy 80’s influenced power trio that knows how to rock fans. They are releasing their debut album “Fire It Up” this February, and now have a video up for the title track, which can be heard and viewed at

“Fire It Up”, as the name suggests, is an up-tempo, cheery track with two different choruses, massive hooks, and invasive melody. The lyrics are about motorcycle riding, romance, and escape. It’s a fun song that will make you crave the energy of live gigs once again. JJ Tartaglia explains in further detail: ​ ​“It’s the title track from the record, so it’s the perfect one to release as a single. If you pay attention you’ll notice there are actually two different choruses that happen back-to-back throughout the song, so no shortage of hooks! The song is for those who feel a longing for escape; you can cure that with motorcycles and romance.”

Originally intended to be straight-up heavy metal, the final direction of the band took a turn when Tartaglia realized the best way to complement his singing would be to add synths to all the songs resulting in a fresh take on NWOTHM, that encompasses hard rock and AOR. Lyrically, the album is an adventure, complete with motorcycles, romance, and danger. It inspires you to go after your life and to never give up.

It’s an original album that has enough familiarity to be suitable for Skull Fist fans and a good dosage of innovation that will catch the ears of new listeners. Tartaglia also cites that being a singing drummer definitely adds a unique twist and will allow for a creative setup when they hit the stage.

The 80s-infused heavy metal is recommended for fans of Saxon, Twisted Sister and Skull Fist.

“Fire It Up” comes out on February 25th, 2022 via Boonsdale Records.

Album pre-order –

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